Experience Overtown: Savor, Reside, Thrive, and Revel in Our Historic Community

Unearth the rich cultural and culinary delights, historic charm, flourishing businesses, and vibrant life of Overtown. From food enthusiasts to aspiring professionals, and from residents to event-goers, this page guides you through the multifaceted experiences Overtown offers.

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Experience a culinary journey in Overtown, where soul food meets innovative cuisines. From the top-rated House of Wings to classic dishes at Jackson's Soul Food, Overtown is shaping up to be the next foodie haven in Florida.


Immerse yourself in the heart of Miami's historic charm at Overtown. With a strategic location, vibrant culture, and growing opportunities for affordable housing, living in Overtown means being at the center of a world-class city teeming with life and experiences.


Become part of Overtown's economic renaissance. Whether looking to start a business, seeking employment, or exploring investment opportunities, Overtown presents a platform for growth and success.


Ignite your creativity and unleash your spirit of innovation in Overtown. The community is a hotbed for events like the American Black Film Festival and Art Basel and offers a myriad of training opportunities in diverse industries.

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Experience Overtown as it transforms into a vibrant, progressive community. From upgraded infrastructure and improved façades to thriving businesses and vibrant community spaces, new energy is redefining Overtown.

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