Façade Beautification and Training Program

At the SEOPW CRA, we believe in the power of first impressions. That's why we've launched the Façade Beautification and Work Training Program. Our vision is to rejuvenate the streetscape of our community, boost local businesses, and foster a greater sense of pride among our residents. Through this program, we support businesses and residents within the SEOPW CRA boundaries, aiding them in revitalizing their commercial or residential exteriors.

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Program Overviews

Enhancing Community Appeal: SEOPW CRA's Façade Improvement Program

Our Façade Beautification and Work Training Program is a transformative initiative to revitalize the community's visual appeal and strengthen its structural foundation. Championed by SEOPW CRA Board Chairwoman Christine King and Executive Director James McQueen, the program focuses on exterior painting, repairs, and prep work for one-, two-, and three-story residential, mixed-use, and commercial buildings. Facilitated by the Florida International University (FIU) Construction Trades Program, the work training aspect of the program provides a balanced approach to learning for residents. Trainees will benefit from classroom sessions and hands-on experience, gaining practical knowledge and skills.

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Program Objectives

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Quality of Life Enhancement

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Elimination of blight

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Hands-On Training and Job Placement

Post-Completion Support

Empowering Residents: Seamless Workforce Integration through Façade and Beautification Training

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Upon completing the Façade Beautification and Work Training Program, graduated trainees will receive valuable assistance with job placement. This support ensures a seamless transition for trainees into the workforce, allowing them to apply their newfound skills and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the community, and do so within a booming construction industry.

Community Impact

Why Choose Our Façade Improvement Program?

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By addressing the aesthetic and structural aspects of residential and commercial properties, the program aspires to elevate residents' overall quality of life. This program is more than just a training initiative; it is a community-driven effort to bring about positive change. By empowering individuals with skills, improving the aesthetics of buildings, and enhancing the community's identity, the Façade Beautification and Work Training Program embodies our commitment to the community and the betterment goals of the SEOPW CRA.

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Experience Overtown as it transforms into a vibrant, progressive community. From upgraded infrastructure and improved façades to thriving businesses and vibrant community spaces, new energy is redefining Overtown.

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