Overtown Shopping Plaza


An aerial view of the Historic Mt. Zion Church in Overtown, a timeless symbol of the community's heritage and spirituality, set amidst its urban surroundings
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Program Overview
exterior view of the Historic Overtown Lyric Theatre

The Overtown Shopping Plaza has transformed with the recent completion of a comprehensive set of enhancements. The project saw the installation of a brand-new walkway spanning the entire plaza, enhancing accessibility and navigation for patrons. Additionally, upgraded lighting fixtures illuminate the plaza, ensuring safety and creating a welcoming environment. A new landscape was also included, complemented by an efficient irrigation system to sustain their vitality. The renovation was completed with a fresh coat of paint to enhance the plaza. These improvements improve residents' and visitors’ experience within the community.

Funding Amount
$ 2.2 million
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Experience Overtown as it transforms into a vibrant, progressive community. From upgraded infrastructure and improved façades to thriving businesses and vibrant community spaces, new energy is redefining Overtown.

A photo of SEOPW CRA Chairwoman Christine King (ledt) and CEO James Macqueen (right) smiling
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